Inspiring the Future

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July 12, 2016

Every Sunday, Opportunities NOW hosts an entrepreneur training for young people who are looking for a way to change their lives. Most of our students are young women who work in the many factories within the city. They are already working 6 twelve-hour days, yet they are willing to spend their one weekly rest day being equipped with the knowledge and support needed to start their own business. During our lively 3-hour classes, their smiles and laughs do not reveal that the other 6 days of the week, these girls live and work in a state of constant stress and fear.

ONOW knows that one solution is to draw out the entrepreneurial spirit in these women and inspire a future where, through a small enterprise, they are in control of their secure financial future. It does not take a large or extremely successful venture to generate profits exceeding what a factory job can provide. But it does take a giant, courageous leap of faith for a young woman to leave the stability of daily employment for the uncertainties of business startup.

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