Bago Launch Center Report

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August 22, 2016

Nine Businesses Launch from First Cohort

Our Launch Center in Bago is active and thriving! The first STARTUP program produced nine new businesses, all owned by women entrepreneurs! These businesses ranged from groceries and restaurants, to textile businesses and school uniforms sales.

One of the most successful ideas came from Ma Khin Lay, who bought two washing machines and launched a laundry service for (mostly lazy) university students, and (very busy) school teachers. A laundry machine is not a common appliance found in a home, and her machines stay busy daily, with a growing loyal customer base. She sorts whites from colors, knows how to handle delicates and large loads, and she even delivers the clean laundry to the home. She’s found a way to solve a felt need in her community, and was willing to take the risk to begin the business!

Join us in congratulating Ma Khin Lay, and the other eight entrepreneurs. The first graduates of the ONOW Bago City Launch Center!

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