Lecture Must Die

GEW Myanmar 2016

Putting “Lecture” in the grave.

Every year in November, 160 countries participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). This year marked the 5th year of GEW in Myanmar, and Opportunities NOWis thrilled that we’ve gotten to participate every year.  This year we were involved in 3 separate events to promote entrepreneurship in Myanmar.

One of the most memorable events was focused on influencing the industry to think of new ways of providing support for entrepreneurs.  Many people provide lectures, but lecturing about getting a bank account is not enough to truly help people make better financial and business decisions.   We knew that to teach this concept we obviously couldn’t use lecture, so we hosted a simulation to engage people in conversations.  For our simulation we met with 40 people who are leaders in the entrepreneurship and financial services sector.  We broke them into groups and tested our in-development financial literacy tool that is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style tool that uses local stories, with decision points that lead towards a business either succeeding or failing.   We were so thrilled when our respondents really got into the activity.  One tweeted:

Highly engaging event – better than any lecture or panel discussion!

We are so glad that we get to be part of the changing Myanmar ecosystem around entrepreneurship, and we are excited to see that our influence in the industry is growing.