Motorbike Pharmacist

In 2016 we have already given out 11 loans. One of those students is Ye Myint Aung.  Ye lives about an hour’s drive outside of Yangon in a small town. Ye does not have a regular income.  Through entrepreneurship he has found that he can support his wife, his three children as well as help people in his community. Many people in his rural area do not have access to medical care. Ye helps these people by traveling to their locations, providing physicals on-site, and teaching about healthy lifestyle, while also selling his pharmaceutical supplies.  At Opportunities NOW, we teach that a good business must understand consumer problems and provide real solutions.  Ye has done a good job of addressing a real need (medical care), and is providing a viable solution in his area. Opportunities NOW trained Ye in business startup, helped him refine his business plan, and then provided a startup loan to his business. We believe that businesses like Ye’s not only help him and his family with their monthly income, but also help the communities they are in by meeting real needs through the business. Ye’s story is especially important. It demonstrates an important value we have at ON – sustainable solutions! Ye came to us with his own business idea. It was not our solution. It was Ye’s. Often in development work, we the outsiders are assumed to have all the answers. Unfortunately, this approach fails to take root in the long-term because it rarely has community buy-in. Or we may be offering the wrong solutions because we do not understand the context and needs of the area. Our help can even inflict harm! But Ye understood the needs of his community, and offered a sustainable solution to his neighbors that will have a lasting impact on their livelihoods and health. This is the ON approach to business startup. The Entrepreneurs create the idea, and we help them think it through and launch. It is sustainable entrepreneurship.