More than Giving Money

There are more ways to help a developing country than just giving money. Often what is lacking in a poor workforce are skills and experience to succeed in business. At Opportunities NOW, we connect professionals from other countries, who have a desire to use their expertise to make an impact, with our local entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. Brittany, a financial auditor from the United States, googled “business service opportunities” and was connected to a group of coaches working with ON. Brittany spent a week with 3 women entrepreneurs with small businesses in the clothing industry. In addition to helping them work out their business and financial plans, Brittany saw the women collaborate and combine their specialties to design a traditional Myanmar outfit. Collaboration between entrepreneurs, coaches and translators, who share skills, cultural knowledge, and wisdom from several geographies helps build a rich and well-rounded plan. In three and a half years of operation, Opportunities NOW has helped launch more than 60 businesses in Myanmar. Each of these has a different business model, a different business plan, and a different financial plan. We walk step by step with each business owner to give them the best shot at success. Are you interested in offering your expertise to the entrepreneurs we work with at ON? If so, go to to add yourself to our database of professionals today. Your experience could launch a frontier market entrepreneur into a life-changing business success! [button-large color=”red” link=””]Share Your Expertise[/button-large]