Finding Work in Myanmar

Nwe Ni
Opportunities NOW was started because we felt for the economic and social needs of young people in Myanmar. Starting youth-owned businesses would develop youth skills and experience — reducing the likelihood that young people would be uprooted from their families to search for employment in other countries. The same logic holds true for our own company and operations. At ON, we employ young people and provide capacity development that will allow youth to stay in their own country. We now have a staff of 11 Myanmar and 7 expats! Nwe Ni works with the Opportunities NOW research staff. She had a difficult but common story for young people in Myanmar. After high school, Nwe Ni had to leave home and work mostly in a foreign country to support her family as quality employment was difficult to find in Myanmar. Over the years, she saved enough money to buy land and build a house in Myanmar. While having responsibility for her own education, she was also responsible for providing for the education of her niece. She plans to get an MBA in the near future. She has this to say about her experience: “If Opportunities NOW existed when I was young, then I wouldn’t have needed to go to Singapore.”