Catastrophic Flooding and Long-term Impact

In the month of August, most of Myanmar was hit by massive flooding that affected more than 1 million people and destroyed millions of acres of rice fields. Immediate needs were for food, water, shelter and sanitation. Get a look at our response in the video below. The recovery and rebuilding effort will be long and difficult, but Opportunities NOW will be working alongside the affected in Hakha and Kalaymyo, providing needed assistance to rebuild businesses, training in entrepreneurship, loans to get new businesses started, and mentoring services along the way.

Meet Moo Soe

Moo Hsoe is an enterprising 26-year old always working on a new business idea. He came to Opportunities NOW in 2014 and developed an idea for helping people learn English by following along with lyric books he created for popular songs. The books proved to be extremely popular and he turned his $500 loan into a strong business.
Moo Hsoe became the first entrepreneur to graduate the youth training program, launch a successful business, and come back to attend the adult program to start a new, bigger business. Moo Hsoe says entrepreneurs must see their idea not as an end, but as the means to start other businesses. He adds that it isn’t about how much money you start with — just find a niche in the market. Today Moo Hsoe is newly married and building a house from his business profits. True to his style, when we met with him he revealed his newest idea that he is pursuing in the cosmetics industry. We are proud of Moo Hsoe’s strong work ethic, creativity, and desire to help others.