Meet Saw Golden Chit

Saw Golden Chit is a 25 year old farmer who completed the Opportunities NOW program in early 2014. He lives with his parents and 8 brothers and sisters in rural Ayeyarwady Division in southern Myanmar. His family operated fish ponds until 2008 when Cyclone Nargis destroyed them. The family switched to rice farming at that time but Saw Golden Chit did not give up his idea of starting the fish ponds again. He went to university for two years before dropping out to go back and help on the farms. He noticed an advertisement for Opportunities NOW on Facebook and decided to work towards his goal of running his own fish ponds, starting with a pond full of eels! He did well in the training program and is very certain that it prepared him to successfully operate his small business. Saw Golden Chit is one of the first young Entrepreneurs to pay back his loan and has just become the only youth to receive a second loan for a business expansion. He researches effectively and understands every detail of his business plan. He sets goals and follows through on them. He represents the millions of youth in this country who can achieve great things when given the opportunity.