12,000 Micro-Entrepreneurs

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April 6, 2017

This month ONOW hosted 30 Microfinance (MFI) Loan officers for a 2 day event to train them how to best support their organization’s borrowers. We wanted to take what we’ve learned in supporting Base of the Pyramid entrepreneurs and share it with the wider financing community. Each of these loan officers supports on average 400 borrowers. The ability to make a tangible impact for many micro-entrepreneurs across Myanmar is exciting!

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Learn Financial Inclusion!

To engage with Financial Literacy needs at the Base of the Pyramid, an innovative tool should be emotionally engaging, contain simple and effective messaging, and nudge the user at timely intervals. Any digital tool being built today should take advantage of the capabilities readily available: it should leverage notifications, AI, interactive content, and include an intuitive UX. Anything else will fall shallow of the deep impact necessary to make progress on the issue of Financial Literacy.

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